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PGA Tour Golfer Just Tipped his Caddie With a Classic Mopar

Kevin NaPGA Tour Golfer Just Tipped his Caddie With a Classic Mopar

Prior to discovering this news, we had no idea that professional golf caddies are really living in the lap of luxury. To those who are casual with her knowledge of golf, they might find themselves surprised exactly what these men and women are made of. To the untrained eye, all that the caddie does is carry around golf clubs. However, closer observation will show that they do a lot more than that and they get paid for it. Their keen insight on course conditions and golf information sometimes provides an advantage.

First, let’s jump straight to the main meat of the story here before spewing off some interesting facts. This past Sunday, after Kevin Na won the Charles Schwab Challenge, he would be granted quite the prize. On the other end of a great game of golf was a 1973 Dodge Challenger. Well, that was at least part of the prize.

Instead of taking it for himself, Na decided to give it to his caddie, Kenny Harms. He would tell the press that over their 11-year relationship, the two had become something like brothers. He seemed more than happy to hand over the keys to the retro ride.

When asked about it, Na didn’t shy away from spilling the beans. The golfer seems to take great pride in taking care of those who take care of him. He commented on how his caddie is paid by saying the following:

“You know what? Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the highest percentage paid caddie out here,” Na said in his post-round presser. “I’m being dead serious. You can ask him. He won’t tell you the number, but he gets a good check, a lot more than the average.” –Golf.com

For those wondering, the average caddie is estimated to be pulling in between 5-10% of the golfer’s salary per week on the PGA Tour. According to ESPN’s All-Time Money Leaders list for golf, Na ranks 33rd with $30,156,814. When doing the math, this means that Na’s caddies have reeled in north of $3 million over his career. That is, of course, if he’s paying out 10%. If it’s greater than that, the sky is the limit! This is one that really lets the imagination wander.

In other interesting drama, when a golfer refuses to pay their caddie adequately, it can make quite the stir. Earlier this year, PGA Tour’s Matt Kuchar was said to have paid out just $5,000 on a $1.3 million purse. Eventually, after being pressured into it by the golf community, Kuchar would eventually pay $50,000 to the caddie.