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Reporter Flies With the Blue Angels – *Spoiler* Passes Out And…

Reporter Flies With the Blue Angels - *Spoiler* She Pukes and Passes Out

Sometimes, there are phenomena that are simply difficult to appreciate. While certain situations can put the mind and body through the wringer, it might be hard for a bystander to understand. After all, for those who don’t know much about fighter pilots, they probably assume the role is pretty simple. We can see where it would be easy to think something like that given that it looks just like driving a car. Maybe throw another layer of difficulty in there for good measure. Obviously, that’s not the case.

Controlling the plane aside, there is a lot more than makes this a complex equation. Not just anybody would be able to pilot one of these things or even ride in one. The physical toll really kicks things up a notch.

In this demonstration, we follow along with a reporter as she goes for the ride of a lifetime. Hannah Drown of Cleveland.com was up for the task at hand that provided quite a bit of footage. There aren’t too many people who get to do something like flying with the US Navy’s Blue Angels. It seems like Hannah is having an absolute blast. On the other hand, though, we’ve never seen sitting in one place look like so much of a workout before.

The aircraft that hand is not other than an F/A-18. While all those loops might look effortless from the ground, inside, they provide quite a challenge. In fact, the aircraft that travels over 700 mph, nearly the speed of sound. During this high-speed adventure, it’s able to pull over 7 G’s. Throughout the process, it actually makes Hannah get a little bit nauseous and vomit. She also finds certain periods where she can’t make it through consciously. As with many going through this experience, she ended up passing out in the seat and coming back around a couple of moments later.

Sure, Hannah is simply a civilian. However, watching something like this can give us an all-new appreciation for what fighter pilots go through every time they head up into the sky.

Are you brave enough to fly with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels where the plane will hit 97 percent of the speed of sound, 738 mph, and up to 7.3 Gs? Cleveland.com reporter Hannah Drown had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly with the Blue Angels in an F/A-18 Hornet over Lake Erie for 45 minutes. Spoiler: She pukes and passes out. You can see the Blue Angels this weekend at the Cleveland Air Show.Video: Courtesy of the Blue Angels.

Posted by cleveland.com on Friday, August 31, 2018

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