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Phantom Gets Behind the Wheel of the OG Murder Nova

As we know, Shawn, a.k.a. “Murder Nova” has a couple of similar cars in the stable. In the name of keeping the Murder Nova true to its roots, he has kept the car as titled it “OG Murder Nova.”

While it might receive some upgrades here and there, it certainly is nothing as substantial as the newer Murder Nova.

Essentially, the idea was to build an entirely new car to compete with the list. Meanwhile, Shawn didn’t want to lose all that made the original car that special. Therefore, we still see it rolling around at tracks and streets around the country, taking out the competition as usual.

This time, it isn’t Shawn driving the OG car but instead his best friend. In this one, we get the follow along as Phantom gets behind the wheel and pushes this car down the track. It’s pretty exciting to see the trusty old Murder Nova going at it once again.

In this particular event at KID Summer Nationals, the boards are even lit to show off how fast it’s going. Back in the day, Shawn was probably a little bit more careful about letting times slide out into the public eye. These days, though, it seems as if he is losing his tight grip a little bit on the OG car and keeping everything top secret. Turned down or not, the car is moving out!

Now, we’re sure that the car would probably go a little bit faster with Shawn driving it as he’s a lot more familiar with it. However, in the video below from Holeshot Productions, we do see a couple of pretty clean passes from Phantom. When all is said and done, the OG is hanging out right there on the barrier of a four-second pass. I don’t care who you are, that’s absolutely rolling in the eighth!