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Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz Selling His Eagles Themed Dodge Demon

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on January 15, 2020

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz Selling His Eagles Themed Dodge Demon

There are some collector’s items that bring much more value than others. In terms of Philadelphia Eagles memorabilia, this might be In the running for the most valuable. It’s not a game-worn jersey or some sort of autographed item. What we’re looking at is one of the former personal automobile belonging to Eagles Franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz.

As we know, the Dodge Demon is a pretty rare beast. With only 3300 made, they might be a bit difficult to procure. When someone does find one, there’s a good chance that it will be marked up above sticker price. Even after being bought and driven, most are still retaining their value or even appreciating.

This particular example might just be one of the most sought after Demons in existence, though. With the car itself, we find a color that starts off the rarity factor. There are only 133 made in this particular shade of green known as F8 Green.

Beyond that, we find custom wheels and tires, a trick interior, and even a sound system. Apparently, all of these modifications were picked out by the Eagles quarterback himself. With something like this, some might be left to assume that Wentz didn’t really put the miles on the car. However, we’re he reassured that most of the 3600 miles were piloted by the man himself.

As far as price, the car is marked up quite a bit over your average Dodge Demon. However, we would argue that the collectibility of this car could make that markup more than worth it to the right buyer.

With the options that we mentioned, the bid starts at $149,984. The average Demon sits right above the $100,000 mark. Sometimes prices might drift a little bit higher. However, it’s also important to note that a portion of the final bid will end up heading to Wentz’s AO1 Foundation.

That bid is quite the ask but we get a feeling that someone will be more than willing to pay it for this piece of Eagles history. Chech out Barberasautoland for more info!


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