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Picking Up The Cheapest Hellcat in America – Meet Cheap-O-Kitty!


A couple of weeks ago, we shared a video of Stefan from Mod 2 Fame’s search for the cheapest Hellcat in America. With a few criteria – the car had to still be under factory warranty and couldn’t be a refurbished “lemon” – Stefan set out searching for the lowest-priced Hellcat Challenger in the nation. After googling and searching extensively, he found his target, a TorRed six speed manual at a Kia dealership in Bossier City Louisiana.

With the $44,000 price tag being the lowest he was able to find that met the criteria, Stefan secured the car and hopped a plane from New York to begin the journey to pick up the car and drive it home. The footage starts the night before Stefan and his friend/co-pilot/drone footage gatherer Eugene fly to Dallas to begin the journey to Orr Kia, where their ride awaits. We follow the pair through the airport and onto the plane, then pick back up on the ground in Dallas, where they rent a ride and head to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet up with John from Luxe Auto Concepts in his Hellcat Challenger to cover the last leg of the journey to get the Cheap-O-Kitty.

They arrive at the dealer ship and give the car a quick walk around before hitting the highway and heading out on the first leg of their journey back to NYC. Of course, as in mandatory with any new hotrod, Stefan and Eugene made a quick detour south of the border for a little top end pull, pushing the 707 horsepower Challenger to an insane 176 MPH within 20 minutes of rolling off the dealership lot. They revisit Mexico after dark for a another run up through the gears, hitting 160 MPH effortlessly on the Mexican interstate.

We’ll catch up with Stefan and Eugene for the rest of their journey back to Harlem, including a stopover in Nashville where I personally met up with them and did a photo shoot with the car in the Music City!