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Is the 7.3L Gas F-250 Better Than 6.7L Power Stroke?

The eternal debate between gasoline-powered and diesel-powered trucks has persisted for as long as both options have coexisted in the market. Each seems to have its upside but consumers might be left to wonder if it’s really worth spending a little bit more for a different engine option.

The challenge lies in determining which is the better fit for the individual, and the answer often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the consumer. Each type of truck excels in different tasks, making the decision situational. Long story short, there is no cut-and-dry “right answer” which can make the choice that much more challenging.

Diesel-powered trucks generally boast greater efficiency and torque, but they can be expensive to maintain. Repairs, if needed, can also incur significant costs. On the other hand, gasoline-powered trucks may lack the heavy hauling capabilities of their diesel counterparts and could have slightly lower fuel efficiency. However, their simplicity, affordability, and lower upfront costs make them an attractive option in many scenarios.

In a recent comparison by the TFL Truck team, they put a gasoline-powered and a diesel-powered version of the same Ford F-250 to the test side by side. The classic 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine squared off against the newer 7.3L Godzilla gasoline engine in a comprehensive evaluation. The comparison included towing performance, fuel economy, and other factors, especially in challenging conditions like the Ike Gauntlet, renowned as the world’s toughest towing test.

This head-to-head comparison aimed to answer the age-old question: does the non-turbo gas engine have what it takes to outshine the diesel power, or does the diesel engine maintain an edge that the gasoline-powered truck can’t overcome? The results of this evaluation provide valuable insights for consumers seeking the ideal truck to meet their specific requirements.

Fords 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine

  1. Power and Torque: The 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine is known for its impressive power and torque output. In recent models, it has delivered significant horsepower and torque figures, making it a robust and capable engine for heavy-duty applications.
  2. Turbocharging Technology: The engine features a variable geometry turbocharger, which enhances performance and efficiency. The variable geometry design allows the turbocharger to adjust its vane angles based on driving conditions, optimizing airflow and ensuring optimal power delivery across the RPM range.
  3. Advanced Fuel Injection System: Ford has equipped the 6.7L Power Stroke with a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system. This system provides precise control over fuel delivery, improving combustion efficiency and reducing emissions. The advanced fuel injection technology contributes to better fuel economy and overall engine performance.

Fords 7.3L Godzilla Engine

  1. V8 Powerhouse: Ford designed the 7.3L Godzilla engine as a V8 gasoline engine for use in their Super Duty trucks. Its substantial displacement, with a capacity of 7.3 liters, makes it one of the largest gasoline engines in Ford’s lineup.
  2. Heavy-Duty Application: Ford primarily intended the 7.3L Godzilla engine for heavy-duty applications, such as in Ford Super Duty trucks. Users often choose it for its capability to deliver high levels of torque and power, making it suitable for demanding tasks, including towing and hauling.
  3. Pushrod Design: Unlike some modern engines that feature overhead camshaft designs, the 7.3L Godzilla engine uses a more traditional pushrod design. This design choice contributes to the engine’s compact size, and users often appreciate it for its simplicity and durability.
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