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Plow Truck Almost Crashes Into 40 Brand New Cars

While it might seem like, for a plow truck driver, all that they would have to do would be to drop their plow and start pushing, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Sure, the majority of the job is probably making sure you have the proper equipment hooked up so that you can push straight through that icy white stuff and make your way to a decent payday, but it definitely has a little bit of a science behind it as you need to have just the right touch in order to maneuver your plow in the right direction to get the most efficient job, if you really want to be seen as good at what you do.

This time, we drop in on a plow truck driver who has been at it for 15 years! That’s an incredibly long time to be doing just about anything so, as you could imagine, he has carved out a way to get pretty darn good at maneuvering his plow in and out of automobiles. However, instead of telling the owner of the local dealership that is getting ready to plow that he has all this experience under his belt, he decided to tell the manager that he didn’t know how to plow that well and wanted some practice. When the plow driver went to work, the manager would absolutely freak out!

In the video below, we get a reenactment of exactly what it was that he was doing that day that made the manager of the dealership absolutely lose his marbles. As it turns out, he was just expertly cutting in and out of each individual car to get the best job possible done. I could definitely see how, from far away, this could look like he’s taking off thousands upon thousands of dollars in front bumpers of cars.

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