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Police Had This Shoplifting Suspect in Custody Until She Slipped Her Cuffs and Stole Their Cruiser!

Generally speaking, once you’re in handcuffs, they only way to get them off is for the officer to take them off, but apparently there are a few people among us who can contort the bones in our hands in such a way to be able to slip out of the detainer bracelets, a feat that in itself is impressive.

However, this shoplifting suspect didn’t stop with slipping her cuffs. She decided that while the officers were outside of the SUV, she would slip through the hole in the partition and take the cruiser for a little joy ride. All of this was caught on the police camera in the roof of the SUV. You can see her remove her seat belt almost immediately, then begin working to free herself from the handcuffs. It doesn’t take her long at all to have them off, and she immediately looks to jump into the driver seat and flees the scene. The camera changes to one of the officer’s body cams, and they give chase on foot, which, if you think about it, is the most absurd course of action to take when somebody is fleeing in a vehicle. But that’s a conversation for another day.

We rejoin the pursuit from several points of view, including the fleeing SUV. Eventually, the woman loses control of the cruiser and spins in into the ditch, bringing the chase to an abrupt halt. Also notable from this video, the fact that the bulky SUV didn’t flip and roll when the driver spun it out. Those are big, heavy vehicles so something in them must be really well designed to keep all four wheels on the ground when it was spinning out of control. The suspect is apprehended for the second time, and now faces more than just shoplifting charges due to her little escapade in the cruiser. The video ends with one of the officers bolting a new clear plastic plate that covers the hole in the partition to keep this from happening again.

Shoplifting suspect slips cuffs, steals car

This is one you have to see to believe.Police in Lufkin, Texas had shoplifting suspect Toscha Sponsler in custody – until she slipped her cuffs and stole their cruiser! STORY:

Posted by WTHR-TV on Tuesday, September 5, 2017


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