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Police K-9 Jumps Through Shattered Window To Pull Assailant Out

Police K-9 Jumps Through Shattered Window To Pull Assailant Out

When it comes to law enforcement, man’s best friend might just be an incredibly helpful part of the force. Obviously, there are only going to be select situations where police dogs will be able to assist. However, when these situations to pop-up, a K9 unit could prove to have lots of upsides. In fact, there are plenty of situations where they might even be better at doing the jobs than human counterparts.

Whether it’s being able to fit into small spaces, run faster, or react more quickly, these dogs can be incredibly useful. With intensive training, they’re able to execute commands at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it could be just what’s needed to diffuse a situation before it escalates.

This time, we tune in with such a situation as the K9 unit is put to work. It would appear in this situation as if a suspect would refuse to get out of their vehicle. This could definitely be a touchy situation. If the person is considered dangerous to officers or themselves, anything could happen. An unwell person or officer being put in danger is about the last thing that anyone should want. This is when a dog might be just the right solution for the issue at hand.

After breaking the glass here, the K9 would swoop in and do its job. Just moments after the glass had shattered, the dog was in the car and making a convincing argument for the individual to come out. We’re not sure about whoever is reading this but having a dog latch onto our arm would probably have us out no matter what the situation. In the scene from Corona, California, it looks like the K9 unit did a great job of acting without thinking about it.


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