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Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS Exhaust Dyno Comparison is Pure Music to Our Ears

The Porsche 911.2 GT3 RS is truly a machine that dreams are made of.

If you want to talk about a car that is designed to really be able to handle the track, this is it. Porsche put a lot of thought into every last detail of the engineering with this machine. Some sacrifices had to be made in the name of going fast and getting it around a race track as quickly as possible. However, those sacrifices weren’t for naught.

However, no matter how expensive, rare, or “Perfect” something might be, enthusiasts can’t help themselves sometimes. We just have to dig into cars and modify them, even if it’s only a little bit. Those who thought that something like the GT3 RS would be an exception can think again.

Even if it’s only a minor change, some have found that they can get the car more to their liking with the help of something like an exhaust system. This time, we get to see just how different such a car can be with a little bit of help from such an exhaust.

Out of the box, naturally, the factory exhaust is going to flow pretty well with a car like this and it sounds pretty brutal. In order to demonstrate, we get a quick pull on the dyno to listen in as we really hear the 520 hp 4.0-liter flat-six engine roar to life. However, following the stock display, we get to really dial ourselves into what the engine sounds like when it’s opened up a little bit.

With the introduction of an Akrapovic exhaust that’s completed by getting some emissions components out of the way, we really get to hear this thing sing. By following along with the video below from NM2255 on YouTube, we find a video that is really content worthy of having those speakers turned all the way up!