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Porsche GT3 RS on the Receiving End of 100 Hour Detail – Here’s What That Gets You

No matter what kind of transaction we’re talking about, there is a good chance that the old phrase “You get what you pay for” is going to ring true. Whether we’re talking about something in the automotive world or not, many times, it’s better to just pony up a little bit of extra cash. Other times, though, spending the money just doesn’t make sense and doing something on a budget can really fit someone’s needs.

When it comes to detailing, it definitely seems like a “You get what you pay for” kind of world.

Is it really worth spending that much extra money to get your car super clean? After all, a good detail can cost hundreds of dollars.

This time, we go to the far end extreme of the spectrum of detailing. We aren’t talking about something that can be done at a local car wash. Instead, this time, we check in with the professionals at Topaz Detailing who deal in high end automobiles.

In this particular case, the candidate up for detail is none other than a Porsche GT3 RS. For a car of this caliber, only the best will do. Therefore, 100 hours of detail and paint perfection are invested in making sure that this car is absolutely perfect.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a job for everyone. The faint of heart need not apply for something like this. However, for a vehicle owner with a car as nice as the Porsche GT3 RS and a budget to match, maybe, just maybe, breaking out all the tools of the trade is a necessary step in the pursuit of perfection.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside look at what 100 hours of labor invested in the looks of a car ends up yielding.