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Porsche Tries to Follow the Acceleration of a Tesla – Wrecks It

If there’s one thing that you have to admit about the Tesla, it’s that these things absolutely rip! When it comes to electric powered vehicles, the power is right there all at once as electric provides instantaneous torque, allowing them to consistently launch with a vengeance, spilling all of the beans at once, no matter what, with no torque curve that rises and drops. It’s all at the ready all of the time and this time, the driver of a Tesla is showing the driver of a Porsche what’s up in the streets as they launch off of a couple of red lights.

It looks as if the Porsche driver is really trying – and failing – to keep up with the electric car as he rides behind the Tesla through traffic. As the red lights turn green, the Tesla driver punches it and the Porsche isn’t far behind as the driver tries to keep up with the electric car and ends up in an ugly situation that ended up being a lot less volatile than it really could have been as they launch around a corner and the driver of the Porsche absolutely loses control and spins out! That one had to be a bit embarrassing as the electric machine faded over the horizon.

Check out the video below as a rear facing dashcam catches the whole thing as this Porsche driver simply out drives his ability and ends up pushing his car right into a bad situation. Looks like this guy is going to have to practice a bit and maybe throw some modifications at his car to keep up with the Tesla driver. That most certainly isn’t how you go about keeping up with one of the fastest production cars to get off of the line that you’ll see in the streets today!

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