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Post Malone Adds LS Power to the Fleet With a Swapped and Bagged C10

It’s no secret that multi-talented musician, It’s pretty refreshing to see some of our favorite celebrities into car culture. This time, Post takes yet another member into his automotive collection. This ride is something that’s quite easy to appreciate as a car nut.


The latest comes in the form of a 1968  out pickup that certainly gives off that classic vibe. The look on this thing is something to be admired, for sure. Lots of builders will spend hours trying to replicate a look like this. Within, though, the truck is aided by 6L of LS power backed up by a 4L60e transmission. To add to the effect, we find a custom air suspension designed to lay the truck nice and low. We think that a build of this caliber certainly fits within Post Malone’s persona quite well.

The original asking price on the truck was $50,000 via the shop’s Instagram account. To some, this might just look like an aged, old pick up. However, to others, they can definitely see the value in asking price. This thing is sure to turn heads wherever Post decides to drive it! It’s unclear what Malone ended up paying for the Chevrolet. However, one thing for certain is that he got himself a pretty awesome ride. This will definitely make him stand out amongst the crowd of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. That’s for sure.