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POV Footage from the Red Bull Dinghy Derby Shows the Craziest People on Water

If water sports are your style then keep your eyes peeled because if you’ve yet to see the Red Bull Dinghy Derby, you’re in for a special treat. Even those who aren’t all that into the world of water are going to get a kick out of this one as we get a first-person point of view look at one of the most intense motorsports that exists. Essentially, two people throw on their helmets and life vests before proceeding to pray for dear life as the hop into the small boats, ripping around in channels and racing one another in tight areas, carving through the water as they turn on a dime and try not to lose control!

We’ve seen these things making their way through the water before, however, there’s something that’s just so unique about the point of view from inside the boat that really makes you keep your eyes peeled even more wide-open than before, if that was even possible. In a race like this, nobody is safe as the water proves to be incredibly difficult terrain to navigate through as any random edge or change in current could provide adverse conditions that would toss the occupant of the boat straight into the water and leave them to try and start over from square one once again.

If you follow along down in the video below, we guarantee that you’ll get your blood pumping a little bit faster during this midweek lull or your money back. After watching something like this, it’s hard not to crave more but we’re kind of curious if any people watching this video would be brave enough to hop in one of these boats for themselves and go for a wild ride provided by the Red Bull thingy derby. It’s certainly something that could bang you up just a little bit!