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Prankster Fills an Entire Car With Beans Then Calls Locksmith to Open It

People who deal with the general public on a regular basis and more particularly, those who make house calls, probably run into some pretty wild stuff. Dealing with the public at all is a doozy and having to go to their homes where they feel more comfortable is on a whole new level.

In this case, it seems as if an internet prankster by the name of Ross has taken on that concept and brought it to an entirely new level. Wielding a car with limo tinted windows and a massive collection of beans, the prank idea was set. Ross would fill up the car with beans, sealing up the sunroof after the fact.

From there, several different locksmiths were called out in order to try and get into the car. As it turned out, when there’s a mass of beans in the way, getting the tools through the window is a little bit more difficult than a normal job.

To make things a little bit more interesting, the windows had been tinted incredibly dark so that those trying to rescue the keys from inside of the car can’t exactly see what they’re doing. They do find it strange, though, when they stick the lock popper in the window, only to find that it has been coated in a greasy substance.

Eventually, one locksmith does end up finding a way to get into the vehicle and upon opening the door, it’s complete hilarity. In fact, he acts almost as if the beans don’t even exist!

From there, it’s time to prank detailing crews as well. With an open door and beans all over the ground and still inside of the interior of the car everywhere, detailers are left to try and figure out how exactly they’re going to get this mess cleaned up.