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Prisoner Steals Van, Escapes Prison with Ease

Every once in a while, a story will pop up with the news that a prisoner has figured out a way to beat the system and escape from their confines. A majority of the time, it will be a situation that is simply reported on with no kind of juicy details or video to back it up and normally, the story follows witht the news that they manage to apprehend the subject without too much struggle. This time, however, we get to take a look at the story that has a little bit different perspective as it gives you a short video to go along with the story behind this one.

Thanks to a security camera from inside an Ohio prison, this time, we’re able to tune in and watch from quite the vantage point as a prisoner simply goes about his day but instead of his regular schedule, this time, he throws a little bit of a twist into his day by stealing a van from inside the prison and driving it through a garage door to get out. I can only imagine the look on the face of the staff when they figured out that the van busted through the side of the building and was driving away down the street. This might not be the most subtle way of making your way out of jail but I guess if you have to do it, the action gets the job done.

It only took the Huber Heights Ohio Police Department minutes to find the van just a half mile away from the prison where Donald Knisley would be apprehended once again and brought back to facility with additional charges on his plate. Once you messed up enough to get yourself locked up, there’s nothing like messing up again and even worse to keep yourself there longer. Maybe one of these days, this guy will learn how to mind his manners and stay out of jail.