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Pro Boost Driver Suffers Wheel Failure Causing Wild Crash

When you happen to be in the midst of drag racing, you never know what’s going to happen. With so many parts responsible for doing their jobs in order to get a car down the track, a small failure in pretty much any area could mean that a disaster unfolds right in your lap. When you throw in the fact that there is major power being put through these components and a ton of stress to boot, even though most of the parts are built to be able to tackle the job, sometimes, things get worn out or just so happen to be stressed in the wrong way as to leave them broken, which could leave the driver of the vehicle in harm’s way.

This time, we catch up with a situation that is pretty terrifying and could happen to anybody. Even for the best of drivers, this one could be tough to tangle with because if your wheel cracks underneath of your vehicle and loses its shape, pretty much everything that you’ve ever known about driving goes out the window and, in that very instant, you have to relearn how to control the vehicle in order to bring it to a safe speed and eventually stop it without running into anything. Keep in mind that all of this is happening within maybe a couple of seconds, if that.

If you follow the video below, you’ll be able to watch as Pro Boost driver, Chuck Ulsch ended up breaking one of his wheels but luckily, is able to retain control of the car and think fast as to not put it into the wall. Thankfully, it looks like the incident happened at a pretty low speed because at the top end of the racetrack, this one could have gotten pretty ugly.

Via Ulsch’s Facebook page: “When your wheel breaks in the middle of your run….thank God we got one of the best drivers in drag racing 👍 The most important thing is that Chuck is alright and we still have a car to race. Unfortunately we lost our points lead so these last two races are critical. Thanks everyone for your support and we’ll be back soon!”