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Pro Mod Racer, Chad Green, Suffers Neck Injuries in Airborne Crash in Indy

In today’s U.S. Nationals, it wasn’t smooth sailing for all teams involved. Perhaps the driver to get the roughest draw was Pro Mod driver, Chad Green. In a qualifying run, Green’s car would end up losing control at the big end. In the scary display, the car would go sideways at a high rate of speed. It would then proceed to get air under it and take off. After the tumble, the car would eventually right itself and touch back down. The parachutes would help the machine come to a stop.

Green would be transported form Lucas Oil Raceway to Indiana University Methodist Hospital. He is currently awaiting surgery for an upper back injury.

Pat Musi would be the first to speak out, alluding to the fact that the racing community’s support had been tremendous. No matter how competitive that we get, it seems like we’re also the first to lend a hand to one another. He continued that Chad’s parents had been flown in and his family is by his side.

As far as treatment goes, we can say that the driver’s pain has been addressed. His surgery was scheduled for yesterday afternoon. Of course, the big question is if there is any sort of timetable for Chad’s return. As competitive as these guys and girls are, it always seems like they’re raring and ready to get back behind the wheel. However, for the time being, there has been no comment on any sort of time frame.

For now, we’re just happy to hear the news that he’s on his way to recovery. This one got pretty scary as the car began to pull in every direction imaginable. There’s no telling where it could have landed. Luckily, all is back on track to be shored up to the way that it was.