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ProCharger Introduces the World’s First Supercharged C8 Corvette (It Sounds Amazing!)

Oh yeah, they went there.

Ever since the mid-engine Corvette made its face known just a couple of months ago, people have quickly gotten to modifying it. We aren’t just talking about basics, either, as folks have really gotten down to the nitty-gritty, throwing turbochargers and even nitrous at these C8s to see what they can handle.

It seems as if there is one thing that has been missing from the landscape, though. Recently, ProCharger dropped a little bit of a teaser, announcing that it won’t be long until that void is filled. We’re talking, of course, about the option to have forced induction via supercharger added to the lineup for this incredibly popular release by Chevrolet.

ProCharger tells us that “Thanks to the amazing engineers at ProCharger, the world’s first bolt-on supercharger system for the Corvette C8 platform, is just around the corner.”

From there, they also fill in the blanks, saying that the system is intercooled and you can bolt it on. Furthermore, it shouldn’t have any issue running on pump gas. Last but not least, burnouts come free of charge! That’s good because we do have a sweet tooth for burnouts!

By following along with the video below, we get brought up to speed on what one might be able to expect when ProCharger finally drops their wares for the latest Corvette. As of now, it’s nothing more than a teaser. However, this teaser really does its job in getting us all hyped up for the latest release.

There’s just something intense about the whistle of one of these superchargers coming from under the hood of some of our favorite muscle machines. It seems like it’s not going to be long before the C8 is added to that list of muscle machines that can sport the centrifugal blowers.