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Quick Thinking Porsche Driver Outsmarts Carjackers, Wrecks their BMW

Unfortunately, not everybody in this world is looking to earn their money by going out and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. There are people out there, as you know, who will be brazen enough to try and steal something right out from under you, even if it’s something like a vehicle that you’re driving. It seems like a situation that you might think would never happen to you but every day, it’s happening to someone and you never know when you could be next. It’s really not something that you should dwell on happening, but when it does happen, quick thinking could save you in more ways than one.

This time, we check out a group of carjackers who had their eye on a Porsche for some reason or another. As they would approach their target with their BMW, it would appear as if the driver of the Porsche took notice to the fact that these guys were acting suspiciously. Therefore, he would pull into a driveway as they followed closely behind but before he knew it, the BMW’s driver would hit the brakes and stop before backing up to block the path of the Porsche. This is when the Porsche driver hopped to action, reversing the car quickly and yanking the wheel to try and get out of the driveway as fast as they possibly could.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to see the moment of the incident that had to be absolutely terrifying for this Porsche driver as quick thinking ended up getting them out of dodge. We would have hated to see what could have happened if the driver wasn’t able to react this way. Who knows what would’ve happened if that armed robber had his way with the entire situation?