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Race Car Gets Pulled Over On Live PD

For many of us who choose to modify our cars, there has probably been a situation where we might have been driving around on the street and maybe had a little bit of a thought in the back of our heads where we recognized that a component or two on the vehicle that we were behind the wheel of wasn’t exactly street legal. When it comes down to brass tax, The vast majority of performance modifications that you can do to your vehicle are going to end up breaking vehicle code in some way, shape, or form. However, most of these violations just fly under the radar because they’re not big enough issues for the police to really spend their time enforcing.

For this individual, though, he takes his full-blown racing machine out into the streets and as fate would have it, he’d end up on an episode of live PD. On this modern day version of the COPS reality show, we get to see the entire interaction as the officer walks up to the car, originally lured in by the parachute blocking the license plate, before asking the driver a couple of questions about the machine. After a while, it seems as if he’s more interested in learning a little bit more about the car that he is about busting the driver’s stones, which, as gearheads, we can definitely appreciate.

If you follow the video below, you’ll be able to dial yourself into this unique interaction that happens between these two on the side of the road. When you’re watching this one for yourself, you can almost feel that deep sigh of relief that this driver had to go through when he learned that this police officer wasn’t going to be too angry with the vehicle being on the road with the way that it was modified.

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