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Radio Control Trucks + Football = All The Fun!

If you follow the site much at all, you’ve likely noticed that while our main focus is full size cars and events, we definitely have a huge soft spot for the miniaturized versions of cars and trucks as well. Radio controlled cars and trucks are often just as cool as their full sized counterparts and are a heck of a lot cheaper to fix when we break them, so needless to say, we’re big fans of the hobby.

One of the great things about modern RC cars and trucks is the fact that they’re incredibly durable, and while you will almost certainly break something during a race or a backyard bash session, they’re designed with specific weak points that break first, sacrificing smaller, less expensive parts to protect the bigger, more expensive parts. It’s quite genius, to be honest.

These things can withstand a head on impact at near-top speed, a fact that these guys from Pro Line Racing – not to be confused with ProLine Racing Engines – decided to put to work with their tricked out RC trucks for this friendly game of football. How exactly do you play football with RC trucks? Hit that play button and see for yourself.

The trip start out by taking turns “kicking” the ball. As you’ll see in the video, this is accomplished by placing a ball atop a short ramp and slamming into the bottom of the ball with the trucks themselves. Three different kicks reached the 24 yard marker, a distance many high school kids couldn’t clear by kicking the ball.

After that, a field goal competition finds out which of the drivers has the most control of their ride on the ground and in the air.

Finally, a full on, NFL-caliber obstacle course awaits the two top points earners. There’s no need to explain what that means, just hit the play button and watch the action unfold as these guys have a blast playing football with their RC trucks!