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Rags To Riches Turbo Vette Hits the Dyno!

Rags To Riches Turbo Vette Hits the Dyno!

Everybody loves a good underdog story and when this Chevrolet Corvette fell victim to a fire and found its way into a scrap yard, it became the ultimate candidate for such a story.

Many would take one look at this car and discount it as one to be parted out and forgotten forever, but when Justin Gualtieri got his hands on it, he would turn trash into treasure.

The car now features 408 cubic inches of LS power complimented by an 88mm Garrett turbo and a Powerglide transmission which amounted to 700hp at the rear tires on the dyno. While this is an impressive number, we dare to say that we think it’ll be making more in the very near future.

Check out the dyno video below as this Corvette was brought back from the grave to live once again. This is a true rags to riches story for this car and we can’t wait to see where the build goes from here.

Learn to do a burnout in a 600hp Corvette below!

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