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Rainbow Burnout Madness – Ford Victoria Breaks Donut Garage World Record

Of all the cars to drop by the Hoonigan headquarters – and there have been some insanely cool rides come hang out with the guys – this one may have the most personality of any of them, and that’s saying a lot.

I know a lot of our younger fans are scratching your heads wondering why I’d be having a fit over such an old car, and yes, this 1951 Ford Victoria is also way before my time too. However, as I bet your dad would say as soon as he laid eyes on this beauty, they just do not make cars like this anymore.

Powered by a 414 cubic inch Ford Windsor engine backed by a Ford AOD transmission built by Mike’s Transmission. Behind the slushbox lies a Ford 9 inch rear end built to withstand the torquey blue oval powerplant, which has pushed the hefty cruiser well into the 12 second zone in the quarter mile.

Looking at the car, the round, smooth lines are just timeless and take you back to an era when cars just oozed personality. As much as I love CTS-V’s and pretty much anything to come out of Audi, you just don’t see lines like this these days and it’s a damn shame if you ask me. The massive chrome trim pieces go a long way to add to the appeal too, as you can see there is shiny metal all over the car front to back.

Diving into the interior, the car is cushy but not pretentious. The interior is all custom, but retains a lot of the stock appeal. I especially love the pleated seats with the metal buttons. While they look like they’d be uncomfortable, I’ve ridden in cars with seats like this and they’re incredibly cozy.

Finally, we get to hear the car fire up, and it sounds absolutely amazing. Then the car’s owner jumps into the seat and lets the big Ford engine do its thing and absolutely obliterate the rear tires to join the burnout club at Hoonigan HQ. The car shreds rubber like an absolute monster all the way across the parking lot, coming to rest with smoke still bellowing from inside and outside of the car.