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Random Guy Destroys Everything You Thought You Knew About LS Swaps

Breaking news today that will affect much of the automotive industry! We’ve just received word that GM’s vaunted LS series of engines has been supplanted as the go-to choice for engine swaps! While most of us – obviously mistakenly – lumped the iron block LQ4, which is way up the “most-desirable” swap engines list, under the “LS series” umbrella, the facts have been laid bare for the world to see in this very video below.

For years now, when we have headed out to the junkyard or hit up our online forums in search of a 6.0 liter engine with an iron block pulled from 2500 and 3500 series Sierras and Silverados, nearly all of us have considered the resulting find and “LS swap”. And nearly all of us have been getting it wrong this whole time, according to this guy, who is dropping all kinds of useful info on us.

For example, he also shares that with little more than a tune, the LQ4 is capable of making 800 horsepower, numbers that are absolutely epic and, once this video makes the rounds, will almost certainly drive the value of the LQ series through the roof. A quick Google search revealed current pricing set around $1300-$1800 depending on the accessories, but as soon as the potential for such ridiculous horsepower is common knowledge, we expect a full-on shortage of these engines and prices to triple, maybe even quadruple in no time. If you have one of these LQ4 engines sitting around, you may want to hide it away for a few months and then unload it for a much higher price.

Of course, anybody out there who knows anything about GM’s LS series of engines knows that this has been a joke and that this guy is clearly talking out of his butt. While the LQ engines certainly do harness a ton of potential output, pushing one to make 800 naturally aspirated, as this guy claims he can do, with just a tune is quite literally ridiculous. However, if you want an ideal platform for a budget-friendly turbocharged or supercharged engine, the LQ4 is perfect for that. Just don’t go around spouting off ridiculous – and patently false – info!