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New Range Rover Tech Makes Sure We Never Curb a Wheel Again

It’s pretty crazy, the lengths that the automotive industry is taking toward full autonomy. It really seems as if some platforms are approaching the level where it could be safe for them to autonomously. What a concept! As of now, though, none of the systems are absolutely perfect. In turn, it also turns out that it’s not legal for a vehicle to operate autonomously without some sort of human supervision. Therefore, it seems to be a matter of fact that we aren’t going to see full autonomy, at least for the next couple of years.

In the interim, we have some pretty neat technology coming to life. As of now, we have seen different sensors implemented into cars to help drivers out. Some of these sensors might include alerting a driver as to how close they are to a solid surface. Another feature might help a driver be alerted to when they are exiting a lane inadvertently. It seems like Range Rover has come out with yet another feature that could be rather helpful. This feature is going to revolve around curbing wheels. Let’s be honest, curbing a wheel is probably one of the worst feelings a driver can go through.

This time, we get introduced to ClearSight Ground View. Range Rover tells us that this feature will be available in 2020. The concept gives the driver a virtual view of the road that’s unobscured. Basically, it allows the operator of the vehicle to have access to a see-through version of the tires, showing them just how close they are to a curb. This might be especially useful in tight areas such as the city. We all know somebody who can’t park worth a damn and definitely needs a feature like this to help guide them to a safe parking place.