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Rapper, Bad Bunny, Had West Coast Customs Build Him the ULTIMATE Bagged Big Rig

When it comes to crazy custom creations, West Coast Customs seems to really get a lot of wild requests. The brand has positioned itself as the one for the famous crowd to go to in order to bring their wildest dreams to life. Naturally, when these uber rich folks who have big creative ideas come to the brand, the result can be pretty eye-catching. Sometimes, these creations can be incredibly loud and off-the-wall but other times, they’re rather clean and understated.

This time, we check in with something that’s even unique for West Coast Customs. When rapper, Bad Bunny wanted his own one-of-a-kind big rig, WCC simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity. They say that this rig, in particular, was to promote Bunny’s upcoming album, “” El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” Essentially, what he wanted was a custom Peterbilt rig with a custom 53-foot trailer to match. Outside, the rig would receive matte black paint, chrome flames, custom grill, lights, and more!

One of the most prominent features of this build is that the entire thing would be sitting on airbags. In other words, the ride height can be controlled and the big rig can be dropped to the ground at a moment’s notice.

The shop says that they didn’t really have all that much time to get the job done but they certainly came through with flying colors. We would imagine that creating such a massive custom build would have its very own set of unique challenges. With all of the skillsets available at West Coast Customs, though, it really seems like these guys can pull together to create some awesome finished products, no matter how tall the task at hand. This larger than life, one-off monster is certainly a physical display of just how they make that magic work.

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