fb-pixel RARE First Gen Turbo Diesel 12 valve CUMMINS Abandoned. Run?
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RARE First Gen Turbo Diesel 12 valve CUMMINS Abandoned. Run?

While we would love to see every classic car preserved in pristine condition, the reality is that many classic automobiles frequently are devoid of love and attention, sitting in a field or a garage just waiting to be discovered and restored.

Through the power of YouTube, we can witness these real-life “barn finds” where some see rusted old cars as junk, while others view them as hidden treasures waiting to be brought back to life. The excitement of seeing the potential that could soon be recognized is nothing short of an electric experience.

In this story, we are introduced to a rare old-school-first-gen 12-valve Cummins Turbo Diesel machine, which is far from showroom condition but still holds promise. Discovered by a Real Steel Fabrication, this truck, despite its thick patina and years of sitting idle, appears to be in relatively good shape for its age and ready to be brought back to something amazing.

In this journey, our host takes on the task of reviving this vintage truck and helping it to breathe life once again. After sitting for at least six years, the truck has some crust on it and with 293k miles on the cluster, it’s far from a spring chicken. However, with some aftermarket modification in the form of a custom crew cab conversion, this thing is actually pretty cool.

Join us as we follow our skilled and knowledgeable host as he delves into a bit of a project in an attempt to bring this classic truck back to life and make it roadworthy once more. With a little bit of expertise, determination, and a pressure washer, of course, make for an attempt to transform what some might see as a forgotten relic into a cherished piece of automotive history, once again cruising the streets as a proud symbol of its bygone era.