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Thieves Use Garage Door Opener to Break Into Couple’s House

One group of homeowners particularly vulnerable to burglaries is those who are not at home. When individuals leave their houses unattended, whether it’s for a vacation or business trip, it exposes their properties to potential threats. One has no recourse for protecting their property if they aren’t around to see that said property needs protecting in the first place.

This unfortunate reality became all too real for homeowners Blake and Tina Brown. While they were hundreds of miles away, a cunning criminal seized the opportunity to exploit their absence and commit a crime.

The burglar targeted cars at the airport and stumbled upon a garage door opener. Perhaps he was even targeting garage door openers as they promised the best return on his time investment.

Through further investigation, this thief discovered a piece of paperwork that revealed the Browns’ home address. Armed with this information, the criminal simply pressed the button on the opener, granting him unrestricted access to the garage and the opportunity to take whatever he pleased.

Given the extensive amount of time available during the homeowners’ absence, the intruder managed to steal belongings worth $20,000, including the Browns’ second car. He probably could’ve even spent a night sleeping over if he really wanted to.

Preventing such incidents is challenging, but there are proactive steps individuals can take. For instance, keeping garage door openers out of plain view and being cautious with documents displaying home addresses can be effective preventative measures, deterring criminals.

Additionally, installing security cameras can provide surveillance of the property even when homeowners are away, serving as a deterrent and enabling the potential identification of perpetrators.

While it may be difficult to entirely eliminate the risk of burglary, adopting these precautions can significantly enhance the security of one’s home and help protect against opportunistic criminals while homeowners are vulnerable.

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