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RC cars VS Children, Who wins the battle?

When you think about your level of awareness and how you’re able to process certain situations and make sure that you aren’t in harm’s way, you might recollect how you’ve kind of developed that sense and have come into it as an adult. However, as a child, you recognize that youngsters aren’t always very aware of where they’re at and what’s going on around them. Because of this, kids have been known to get into some pretty crazy and rambunctious situations where they could be in harm’s way with some situations being more severe than others.

In this collection of clips, we get to see a group of kids who weren’t so aware of the remote control cars that were in their presence. As the cars ripped off ramps and zoom to pretty insane speeds, somehow, some way, in all of these situations, kids would get to run interference and take a little bit of a bump from the remote control machines that were all moving at a pretty good rate of speed. It seems like all of the situations end with a little bit of a bump and dazed and confused kids who would probably be able to shake it off moments later but this is really some Funniest Home Videos type of stuff if we’ve ever seen it.

If you follow along with the video below as children take on remote control cars, you’ll probably get just a couple of chuckles as the clips continue to roll as they get more and more hilarious with each and every situation. After seeing this one, you might even want to keep an eye out next time that you walk outside because you never know when a flying remote control car could be the bridge between you and a potential injury.


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