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RC Jet Powered Fighter Jets… One Expensive Hobby!

We love pretty much all things radio controlled, and we have seen some pretty insane stuff come from that world over the years, but these could definitely be the coolest RC builds ever!

Checking in at approximately 1/2.5 scale, these monster Alphajet fighter jet models are beautiful recreations of their full sized counterparts, and when you see them soaring through the sky side by side, you get a little bit of an idea of just how big these things are.

These planes have a full 3.5 meter wingspan and are powered by a pair of screaming JetCat P-400 turbine engines, completing the replica with sound that matches the realistic looks. Tipping the scales at nearly 250 pounds at take off, these planes are hardly lightweights either, carrying enough heft to really do some damage if the pilot happened to lose control.

Luckily, the pilots, Robert and Sebastian Fuchs, had no such issues, instead flying the planes in formation with pretty incredible precision considering they’re operating the planes from the ground with remote controls and not actually inside the cockpit. It’s nothing short of amazing to me to see pilots with such skill, considering how hard it is for me to keep an RC car driving in a straight line when it’s coming toward me vs when it’s going away from me! (Don’t judge me, you know you struggled with that too!)

I can’t imagine how much money the Fuchs’ sunk into these planes, but seeing them hit the runway and soar into the sky like this, it’s money well spent. I can certainly think of far less rewarding and entertaining ways to spend thousands of dollars. Perhaps we’ll see these guys back on here in the future with some munitions bolted up for a realistic dogfight simulation? How much stress would that induce, watching a plane you invested easily 5 figures in being chased around the air by a missile?!