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Real Life 787 Pilot Takes a Shot at Flying With Microsoft Flight Simulator

In this day and age, there seems to be a simulation for just about anything. Some of these simulations, though, have found a way to become much better than others. Those with bigger markets have definitely had more attention on them and a bigger push toward perfection.

We aren’t quite sure if any of these simulations will ever quite replace the real thing. However, there are definitely some that get incredibly close. In fact, with the hiatus for COVID-19, NASCAR racers even used simulators to keep brushed up on their skills. In fact, the racers were even in virtual leagues that were broadcast on television.

In a world that almost parallels that which we saw with NASCAR, flight simulators have gotten incredibly real as well. In pilot training, professional simulators have been used for decades. However, as tech evolves, the simulators available at home have gotten better and better. This phenomenon really spans a gap, allowing those that would’ve never otherwise had the opportunity the chance to get behind the controls.

This time, we get to see just how real an at-home simulator like this could possibly be. In order to test it out, Microsoft Flight Simulator goes up against a real pilot that has been behind the controls of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Naturally, there are bound to be some differences when working with a computer versus working with a real airplane. However, as this pilot informs us, it seems like a lot of aspects of the sim were really hitting the nail right on the head.

By following along with the video below, we get to see if a real-life pilot can pick up the simulator and use it flawlessly. Could somebody who has all of the training in the world in real life pick up a simulator and use it without being taught the ropes? In this one, we get to find out just that along with this pilot’s impressions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.