fb-pixel Rebuilding the Viral Lake Crash Bugatti (09 YT Sensation)
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Rebuilding the Viral Lake Crash Bugatti (09 YT Sensation)

If you were a car enthusiast in the early days of YouTube, there’s a high probability that you came across a video that has become somewhat of an internet legend. Fourteen years ago, footage surfaced featuring a Bugatti Veyron, a million-dollar marvel at the time, gracefully cruising down the highway before meeting an untimely resting place in a lake. With nearly 10,000,000 views, it’s safe to say this video has left a lasting impression on many.

However, the aftermath of the viral incident took an unexpected turn. Andy House, the owner, faced an unfortunate predicament as the camera captured the entire mishap. Subsequently, a jury concluded that House, who claimed he swerved to avoid a bird after dropping his phone, was guilty of insurance fraud. This verdict led to the house spending nine months behind bars.

While the owner’s saga is now ancient history, the fate of the car itself remains a captivating timeline. This Bugatti Veyron isn’t just any ordinary vehicle; Enthusiasts would willingly sacrifice a limb to own this rare and limited-production exotic. How much, though, would a car be worth that crashed into a lake?

Surprisingly, recent attention has been drawn to this once-famous car. Houston Crosta, owner of an exotic rental car company and a popular YouTube channel, purchased the submerged Bugatti for a whopping $400,000. In a remarkable endeavor, Crosta has decided to breathe new life into this automotive relic.

In a multi-part series, viewers are taken on a journey to revive what could be the most viral Bugatti ever. The videos not only showcase the meticulous restoration process but also unveil the intriguing narrative of how many hands the car passed through between the filming of the iconic video and its eventual revival.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and, in this instance, a large bankroll to back it up!