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Reckless 116 mph Live Stream Ends with Honda in back of a Garbage Truck

With the way that we communicate changing on a regular basis and becoming more of a situation that allows for instant gratification, it seems like people will do more and more crazy things on the pretense that these things might be able to get them a little bit of attention. It’s really enough to drive you crazy as you flip through the countless cases of people acting out because they know they have an audience on social media, all with the aim of nothing more than maybe getting a couple of likes and a few comments that take a moment to laugh at a situation.

This time, we check out what might just be one of the scariest situations that are anything but funny and really seems to be a public outcry for attention on social media as an individual took the liberty of heading out to the highway and live streaming the entire journey in his car. However, this wasn’t just any journey as the Honda Civic hit the road, but instead, one that would get its way up to a high of what appears to be 116 mph as the driver weaved in and out of traffic until eventually he lost control and ran straight into the back of a garbage truck.

When all was said and done, Onasi Olio-Rojas, the driver of the car would be the only one who was injured with non life-threatening injuries, and when the entire thing came to a head in court, the live stream would be used to help press charges that involved reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. These charges are misdemeanors and the individual would later be released but after you see something like this taking place, you’re really left to wonder why exactly anyone would try to do something like this.

You really have to take a look at what was going through his head to make him act out in such a way.