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Recovering a Boss 302 That Flew Over a 400-Foot Cliff is Easier Said Than Done

What could possibly be more terrifying than the thought of sending your car over a drop that is 400-feet down? There aren’t many scarier situations than that when it comes to being behind the wheel. However, it was a reality for the driver of a Boss 302 Ford Mustang in California.

Somehow, even after toppling down the mountain, the driver of the Mustang managed to walk away. It is said that he had only minor bruising to his face after the incident. However, the task of retrieving the car would still be at hand. We would be surprised if most situations like this ended up with the car being picked back up. In this case, though, that was exactly what needed to happen.

In this video, we’re able to watch as the big guns get broken out. As it turns out, retrieving the car that is 400 feet down a mountainside isn’t exactly something that most would consider easy. In order to do it, there are special pieces of equipment needed and procedures that need to be followed.

For starters, the car had to be spotted with the help of a drone. From there, the tow truck operator would actually have to rappel down the mountainside to hook the car up. Before long, this felt less like a tow truck mission and more like a Hollywood movie. It was truly quite the scene.

By following along below, we get to watch the whole adventure unfold. At the end of the day, this driver was incredibly lucky to walk away from something like this. If I was a gambling man, I would probably place my money on the fact that he definitely defied the odds with this one. Perhaps this speaks to just how safe some of these modern cars can really be.