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Redneck games, Big block chevy lawnmower road test

We have to say that this video is one that you need to approach with a certain state of mind. Originally, we were looking at this thing and wondering why. After some long, hard thought, it became apparent that the question at hand should instead be, “why not?”

With a little bit of elbow grease and some good old fashioned redneck engineering, this guy has managed to stuff his lawnmower chock full of Chevrolet big block. Where there’s a will there’s a way and this guy most definitely had the will of a champion to get this thing up and running. From the zoomie style headers comes the sound of freedom and a whole lot of big block racket, but whether you’re trying to get the yard mowed before the weather that’s just across town is bearing down, this thing looks and sounds like it has whatever it takes to get the job done

Thanks to a head mounted GoPro, we’re able to watch as the mower putts along in the streets, showing the world what it’s capable of when it goes wide open throttle and screams down the street, letting everyone within an earshot hear the bellow of the open headers.

Even a stock big block should be good for 300 horsepower or so, which coupled with the extremely light weight of a lawn tractor suddenly has this looking like a lot more than just a silly redneck contraption. Just think about it, you have a way to mow your yard in just minutes, but you’ll also have a ride that can outrun most anything on the street, if you are even able to goad them into a race at all, that is.

Check out the truly unique lawnmower in the video below and tell us what you think of this innovative build. We would like to see this guy really rip on the insane grass cutting tool. Anyone have a guess on a quarter mile time? With that kind of power to weight ratio, it may be quicker than any of us would predict.