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Redneck Genius Uses Lawnmower to Trim Hedges!

When it comes to getting the job done, there are lots of situations where you can simply work smarter instead of working harder. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely no shame in a hard day of work but if you can get the work done in half the time, who would really try to avoid a situation where they can put it a fraction the effort and get the same result if not a better result? In this one, we check out just that situation as a little bit of redneck engineering gets  the loose ends tied up on this landscaping work that would have otherwise probably taken a pretty good amount of time without the best tools in the business.

Instead of spending all kinds of crazy money on fancy landscaping equipment or anything of the like, this guy decides to rig something together with a little bit of redneck magic as he hooks a lawnmower up to the bucket of a John Deere tractor and lifts up to the top of some bushes to level them out and clean them up a little bit. It might not be something that looks too fancy but again, it definitely gets the job done and it looks to do it pretty well! Unconventional or not, you can’t really argue with the results as they come out looking good.

You can see the pretty redneck-ed out displayed down in the video below as it’s showcased. After checking it out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of how this one ended up going. If you didn’t have the correct tools to get the job done, would you rig something up like this to make the job go by smoother and more efficiently? I could definitely see some homemade engineering like this being something that would come in handy for homeowners across the country but when you end up hurting yourselves while doing it, we weren’t the ones who encouraged you.