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Starting Up a 600 Horsepower LS Powered RZR

One of the beautiful things about the performance community is that there are all sorts of different options out there. For something like the RZR platform, folks have gone crazy with modifying. It seems like all sorts of smaller displacement engines have been swapped in.

However, for somebody who wants to go above and beyond, that would be entirely possible as well. With a little bit of fabrication and some know-how, perhaps, even a big old V-8 could be tucked away in such a platform. That would make for quite the sideshow if someone could make it all come together. This time, we check out an RZR that made a statement. This thing really managed to stand out from the crowd with flying colors. We’re sure that the owner of this thing gets lots of wild looks when he fires it up.

What was so great about this, one might ask? Well, instead of the normal power source that exists with these types of rides, this one kicked up the volume just a little bit. The size of this thing definitely gives it an advantage as well. The power-to-weight ratio has to be off the charts, here! Just imagine this thing at full tilt. We’re already imagining adding a little bit of boost or nitrous to the equation!

By following along with the video below, we get the complete essence of what a crazy RZR build is all about. There aren’t too many ways that someone could go bigger with this platform. We would be willing to bet that this machine is near untouchable in the side-by-side community.

Photo Credit – Bangshift

After seeing something like this, it really leads one to wonder what they will LS swap next. The possibilities are endless. If enthusiasts are willing to tackle something like the RZR, who knows what’s on deck? – Hawk Engineering Inc.

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