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Reliving All Variations of Stevie Fast Jackson’s Domination in “The Shadow”

When it comes to the world of drag racing, one of the hottest names is that of Stevie “Fast” Jackson. He also happens to be one of the most controversial. Jackson certainly has been one that is known to stir the pot. However, he definitely does his fair share of following through with big moments of his own. Over the years, he has found a way to dominate drag racing in a variety of different formats.

This time, we take the opportunity to dive into his past and take a visual walkthrough of some of the steps along the way. Most recently, Jackson took home NHRA Pro Mod Gold. Before that, though, there were quite a few stepping stones in order to climb up the ranks in the way that he has. The last time that we brought up Stevie’s name, week recapped his grassroots start along with his most recent accomplishments. He sure has risen a long way since then, though. These days, if he’s lining up, no matter what the format, it would be reckless to count Jackson out.

By following along with the video below, we get the up close and personal ride along. Free Life Films has been there to capture the action in a variety of different races as Jackson surged to the front of the pack.

In this one, we can find everything from his OG Shadow days all the way up to the different variations of Shadow 2.0. There’s no telling where this guy is going to shrike next. The one thing that we can say, though, is that up until this point, he has quite the impressive resume to write home about. This is definitely one story that you’re going to want to follow if you’re a fan of the sport. Jackson has proven a lot but he isn’t quite done just yet!