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Remastered, Colorized Footage Shows us What it was to Drive California in the 50s

As time goes on, naturally, the visual aids that help us to remember the past are going to get better. All of the content that gets posted to YouTube on a regular basis is going to basically be one big time capsule in the scheme of things. Just thinking how awesome it would be to be able to take a look back into the past at our relatives living their lives in their 20s or 30s makes me excited to impact the youth in the future.

Unfortunately, there was no YouTube until 2008. However, there are still some home videos lurking around out there. As we tiptoe our way back into the 1950s, though, the quality definitely takes a dive much further into the abyss than what we’re used to. In fact, in the 50s, the first color home video cameras were coming out and were only for those with money.

With the help of modern technology and some pretty smart people, though, these days, we can take old footage and remaster it, giving ourselves the ability to get a little bit better of a look at what it might have been like to live back in the 1950s.

This time, we get to open up a time capsule, checking in with a drive-through in California in the 1950s. The footage has been altered so that it plays at 60 frames per second along with the color remaster and added sound to make it feel more real. After checking in with his footage for just a couple of minutes, it’s really easy to romanticize being alive at that time and being able to experience all of this. Heck, it seems really peaceful and relaxing just knowing that there’s not a single cell phone in sight.

Down in the video below, you can take the ride for yourself and see what it was like for folks 70 years ago when they wanted to go for a little bit of a ride to get a hamburger.

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