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Remember The Time Murder Nova and Phantom Drove 1300 Miles in a Convertible Donk?

I was at Lights Out back in February and remember seeing Shawn, better known to most as Murder Nova, hanging out on the starting line during qualifying for Radial vs the World. I had no idea at the time that he had flown to Tampa, Florida with Danny, known to most as Phantom, to pick up a car to drive back to OKC.

If you know anything at all about Shawn, you know he doesn’t really do “typical” in any way, and this car is a perfect testament to that. If I told you he flew to Florida to pick up a car to drive the 1,300 miles back to Oklahoma City, you’d probably assume it’s a later-model car that could be trusted with such an undertaking.

And you’d be wrong.

So we know it’s an older car, and you are probably assuming it is pretty much stock, since that would be more trustworthy to drive literally halfway across the country.

And you’d be wrong again.

This is Shawn we’re talking about, so not only did he get an older ride – 46 years older, to be exact – he picked up a convertible 1972 Impala on 26 inch wheels and, judging by the exhaust note, the car is hardly stock. The car sounds like it’s been LS swapped, which would work toward making the car more reliable for such a long drive home, but when you start swapping engines on older rides like this, even if you drop in a totally stock LS powerplant, the upgraded torque and power tend to find weak links in the drive train. Factor in the extra weight and rotating mass from the massive wheels and you really put some strain on the components between the engine and the wheels, but as you can see in the video below, the car made it all the way home with zero issues.

That, my friends, is a quality build, and that’s one thing Shawn does invest the time and effort to find for sure.


Me and Phantom making the 1300 mile road trip home in my dock!

That time me and Phantom flew to Florida to pick up my 1972 Impala on 26's and then made the 1300 mile road trip back to OKC!

Posted by Murder Nova on Thursday, June 21, 2018

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