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Remote Control Car Goes Loco as Builder Straps on Jet Engines

Just like the automotive industry, the remote control world has creators who make some off-the-wall contraptions. Whether it’s a super realistic imitation of something bigger or an incredible performer, we have been surprised over and over again by RCs. The cool thing is that creativity can truly be unleashed here. Naturally, while things can still be pretty pricey, creating something at scale is naturally going to come with less of a price tag.

For example, creating a “twin-turbo” jet car (The nomenclature is a bit funky, but we’ll consider it a working title) is definitely something that would be expensive in full-scale capacity. However, in the world of remote control, while it still takes an incredible amount of ability, parts are a bit more accessible.

This time, we get to see what happens when someone straps a couple of thrust tubes on top of their favorite remote-controlled vehicle. The rig in question this time does have its internals beneath it that will propel the wheels. However, it also has something that resembles a pair of jet engines that are going to attempt to push it beyond what the wheels can do. At the end of the day, it’s an ambitious project but one that definitely has our attention.

By following along with the video below, we get a front review of the action.

As it turns out, this form of creating shares another thing in common with the automotive industry. One can’t just go out there and turn it all the way up and expect perfect results. Therefore, we also get the witness the tinkering in between that has the aim of getting this monster really dialed in.

At the end of all of this, I can’t say that I know too many people who would pass up the chance to get behind the controls of this monster machine!