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Remote Control Fire Truck Doubles As Mobile Flamethrower, It’s Terrifying

When it comes to what people are creating within the remote control machine community, we see all sorts of different and obscure versions of a creative reality out there. No matter what it is, folks seem to go above and beyond to create something just a little bit different from the norm. This time, we see exactly that as one of the most terrifying remote control cars to ever have been built comes at us in video format. I’m not sure if I want to go and try this thing out or run in the opposite direction but in either case, it’s certainly a lot of fun to watch.

In this one, we’re shown the likes of a firetruck but this is unlike any firetruck that you have ever seen before. Normally, obviously, these pieces of firefighting equipment are set up to spit out water in order to smother and eventually extinguish a blaze but this one appears to be on the other end of the spectrum as a vehicle that has been designed to create such a blaze that normally it would be putting out. Instead of spitting out some water in order to suppress the fire, instead, this thing spits out fire itself. We certainly wouldn’t want to run into the real world rendition of what something like this would look like. Just imagine a real scale firetruck rolling its way down the street and spewing out fire every which direction.

This is what nightmares are made of.

If you mosey on down to the video below, you’ll be able to check out the DIY creation that takes a concept of remote control car and kicks up the creativity just another notch. We would venture to say that this is probably one of those toys that is more oriented for older enthusiasts and is one that we probably wouldn’t want youngsters to get their hands on.