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Remote Control Tractor Puller With 4 Engines

I’ve mentioned before how, despite advanced in electric RC components that seem to give battery-powered projects and advantage in the power department, there is and always will be something undeniably cool about the tiny gas-burning RC engines that were the norm for so long.

There are countless sizes and configurations of the diminutive gas-burners, many of which run on a nitromethane mix similar to what’s used in top fuel. This scale tractor puller has not one, not two, but four nitro-burning engines for power and when all four engines are up and running, this thing sounds absolutely cool and when the driver gets to roll into the throttle, the song these engines sing is literally music to my ears.

Once all four engines are fired up, you can hear the miniature powerplants chugging away, waiting on the tiny carburetors to open and the chance to send the dirt flying. As they idle anxiously, the driver takes his position down the track where he will have a good perspective of the front of the truck, which will let him keep an eye on the nose to make sure the front end stays down as the tractor accelerates down the track.

As soon as the trigger is pulled on the transmitter, the tiny engines roar to life sending the dirt flying above and behind the tractor as well as the scaled-down, but fully functional, pulling a sled. The driver has to carefully work the throttle a little way into the run to keep the noise down while keeping the tractor moving forward.

It looks like the tractor makes it just short of the Full Pull mark at the end of the truck, although that’s quite impressively or a tractor that’s enjoying it’s the first time out. Hopefully, we’ll see more videos about this rig and what all it has on tap for power.

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