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Rental Pedal Boat Gets a Gas Motor

There’s something about small machines with big engines that really just seems to be so appealing. After all, when something isn’t necessarily supposed to go fast, we all wonder what exactly is going to happen when it does. Late last year, a phenomenon lit up with the drag racing golf cart powered by Hayabusa motorcycle guts. This time, though, the adventure hits the water. This is one that we certainly couldn’t wait to see the finished product on. We also couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship in making it come to life.

The whole ordeal starts out with a peddle boat. Normally, such a vessel might be able to provide a fun day on a smooth body of water. Obviously, it’s not going to be anything that provides a great adrenaline rush or fills the need for speed. However, it can be quite functional in serving its purpose as a rental.

However, when the man who owns the rental agency first got his hands on the peddle boat, he decided that maybe it would be a good idea to give it a little bit extra kick. After all, the body of water that he was renting it on gets a little bit more intense than the boat can handle. This means that currents and different water conditions might not allow users to go as far as they would like. Therefore, he decided to start customizing.

By following along with the video below, we check in with the boat that started off with peddle power. From there, it would be modified to be able to accept an electric trolling motor. The final step in this sequence would be one leap further than that. This would come when the trolling motor was replaced with a bigger gasoline powered motor that provided 5 hp. It doesn’t sound like a lot of power but with a lightweight platform like this, the boat certainly moves out!


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