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Reporter Touches a 6000 Volt Fence and Instantly Regrets It

One line in this video sums the situation up perfectly: Perhaps, instead of filming the signs on this electric fence, this reporter should have read them.

Thousands of volts pumping through the fence around this auto parts shop help prevent thieves from breaking in after a string of burglaries, and they also pumped through the rookie reporter’s body when he decided to grab the fence for some reason.

We aren’t sure if he just wasn’t thinking about the jolt that was coming, or maybe he thought the fence had been deactivated for his news segment, but either way, he reached out and touched the fence, and it reached out and touched him back, sending an arc across his hand that is visible even in the midday sun.

The shock didn’t appear to cause the news reporter any serious injuries, though we bet his pride took quite a shot, especially when he returned to the station and his coworkers caught a glimpse of the footage.


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