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Restoration of the 1 Millionth Sinkhole Destroyed Chevrolet Corvette

This upcoming February, it will have been five years since the sinkhole formed under the National Corvette Museum, swallowing up some of the most iconic Corvettes to have even been admired by the community. The news really made its way outside of the car community, leaving pretty much everybody around the world who caught wind of it in awe as they saw many valuable and highly sought after machines simply defenseless as they were swallowed up by the ground, causing big-time damage and rendering many of them beyond repair.

However, where they could find a place to begin building again, Corvette enthusiasts would do just that as they were able to rebuild several of the cars. While some of them were really damaged beyond having anything that could realistically be reconstructed in a reasonable manner, others, like the one millionth were decided that they would be brought back from dead and given attention to the point where it would once look like a new car again, just like the one that rolled over the assembly line all of those years ago.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on the process of the millionth Corvette produced that has since been revived to become whole once again. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs to see the condition of some of these things after they had been subjected to such a high fall and all that dirt, however, it is good to see that somebody cares enough to bring this thing back and give people something to appreciate. All of the Corvettes that had fallen can still be seen at the National Corvette Museum with some of them restored and others still covered in the dirt and destruction that they would meet on that fateful day.

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