Restoring A Starter For A BMW M3 E30

By: Jesse Kleib   December 31, 2018

When you start to go through your car and try and fix it up a little bit, whether it be for some sort of restoration or just regular maintenance, you’ll find that when you come to a part that needs a little bit of updating that there are one of two options and they really fall on a spectrum. Depending on how important the component is, how expensive it is to replace, and just how handy you are along with the time investment that might go into fixing it, you could choose to head out to the store and replace it or maybe you just want to take on fixing it yourself. Both are certainly viable options depending on the factors that we mentioned.

This time, we check out a part of that most folks would probably just head to the store and buy new, however, the person behind this BMW M3 E30 decided that, when they would remove their starter to take a look at it, that they would rather rebuild it than go out and buy another. As they begin to deconstruct it, we can tell that they’re a lot braver than most people who are going to be working on their cars but it’s incredibly interesting to watch it all unfold.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be taken inside of the process of disassembling and restoring a starter for this particular car. This is certainly a job that not only requires a lot of time and patience but a quite concise know-how of where everything needs to go and what parts can be reused. We have to commend this individual for going above and beyond to use the best of their mechanical abilities to get the job done but we also wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to go out and just buy a new one. After looking them up, the part would run less than $200. Sometimes, though, the satisfaction of doing it all yourself is more than worth it.