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Starting A Car After It Spent 6 Months Underwater

If you were to try and start a car after it spent six months underwater, not that I’m sure why you would want to for any sort of practical reason outside of seeing if the experiment would work, then we can all agree that it would be a difficult task if not something that’s almost impossible. After water gets inside of everything and becomes the absolute enemy of an engine to just about every component on a car, it would be incredibly hard to not only dry up all of that water but be able to reverse the effects it has taken on said components.

Most experts would agree that, when buying a vehicle, you should probably stay away from a flood car, even at a steep discount. Now, just take that kind of logic and apply it to a vehicle that has been underwater for the long-term. This time, we get to see just that and not only that but also a car that has been under the water while frozen. I’m not exactly sure about you but I would think that temperatures like that would make it even harder on a car that has been fully submerged underneath the surface.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to spectate yet another wacky experiment by the Garage54 YouTube channel that takes a crack at this unlikely experiment that will attempt to bring this car to life once again. Before you watch it, be sure to drop in the comments on our Facebook post if you think that this is going to have any shot of working at all. Most people would probably think that it would never work but then again, we have to admit that we have really seen some stranger things than this happen while dealing with these types of YouTube experiments.