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Restoring a Bent and Rusty Nail to Perfect Original Form

For those looking to add to the list of things to do when they get bored, we would highly recommend restoration videos. There is a whole corner of the YouTube universe that revolves around people restoring things. Sometimes, these restorations are big like entire automobiles. Other times, though, the restoration gets pretty intricate.

We’ve seen everything from old tools to a rusty nail restored. Sometimes, restoration is in the name of creating something to be proud of. Other times, though, it seems like a restoration is simply done for the sake of the video.

This time, we check in with a restoration that really seems to be a member of the latter. After all, there aren’t many people who are going to take their time to restore a rusty old nail. After all, an entire box of a couple of hundred nails can be had for just a couple of dollars. Why would somebody spend time on a rusty nail and bring it back to perfection once again?

Our intuition either says it’s a display of talent or yearning to make an interesting video.

This time, we follow along with the process that does both of those things.

Practical? Never. However, we have to admit that it’s rather fascinating to watch the process come to life. Perhaps the magic in this video isn’t necessarily in thinking practically. Instead, it really seems to be in following the intricate process.

Just imagine what can be learned in such a delicate series of events as restoring such a fragile piece of metal. After all, the attention to detail that went into this one really opens the door to how some other sorts of restorations work. If someone was able to spend this much time restoring such a small piece, imagine how much time it takes to restore something much bigger.

Perhaps those automotive restorations have a lot more meaning after watching this one.

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